Happy Friendship Day SMS Wishes 2014 And Friendship day Cute Messages, Texts

Happy Friendship Day SMS 2014- Friendship day is a widely celebrated occassion throughout the world, so on the occassion of Friendship day 2014, we have collected some of the best Happy Friendship Day SMS 2014, you can download these Cute Friendship day sms, wishes for Free, you can send as many sms to your friends. We have Happy Friendship day sms in English. So do exchange Friendship day sms with your friends.

Happy Friendship Day SMS 2014, Cute Messages, Wishes, Texts

A Precious Friendship Doesnt Die.
It Lives On.
in The Hearts Of Friends.
U May Be Unseen And Unheard.
But U Will Always Be Missed And Remembered.

A Precious Friendship Doesnt Die.
It Lives On..in The Hearts Of Friends.
U May Be Unseen And Unheard.
But U Will Always Be Missed And Remembered.

"MISSING U" is my
"CARE FOR U" is my
"MAKE U HAPPY" is my
"PRAY FOR U" is my
Into keep
"FRIENDSHIP" with U is my Choice.

Just A Note
2Say That Our Friendship
Has No ENding & Its Grows On & ON

Just A Note
Friendship Help UsOpen Our Heart In
Way That We Thought Were Never

Just A Note
Thankyou 4 Being EveryThing 2 Me
ThankYou 4 Being My Friend.

Painting Is Feeling, Never Spoil It,
Face Is A Book, Try To Read It,
Love Is Precious,
Be Ready To Sacrifice For It,
Friendship Is Like A Mirror,
Never Break It.

Law Of Frndship:
Never Make Ur Frnds Feel Lonely
When U Are On Earth Disturb Them,
As Much As U Canlet Them Feel Ur Presence,
Show Them U Are Alive..!

Friendship Is Not About Who
You Have, Known The Longest,
It’s About Who’s Walked
Into Your Life, Said Iam
Here For U And Proved It.

True Frnds R Like Upper N Lower
They Often Meet Bcoz They Miss Each
Bt When They Meet They Don't See D
World Around Dat's Frndship...

List of Cute Friendship day SMS 2014 in English

U r 95% Beautiful,
U r 96% Sweet,
U r 97% Nice,
U r 98% Cute,
U r 99% Lovely,
&&&&100% Best Friend.

No Shadows 2 Depress U
Only Joys 2 Surround U
Many Friends 2 Love U
God Himself 2 Bless U
These are my Wishes 4 U
2day, 2morrow & Everyday.

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
friendship is never anything but sharing.

True friendship is a heavenly gift. It is a precious and rare
relationship. But it is also a very sensitive relationship.Take
care of it.Dont take it so easy.

Yeah we're tight, and yeah we fight,
But through all of it, there's one thing,
That will never change, we'll be friends forever.

Friends are like gold,
Each one is rich,
And they all last a lifetime

Listen and Silent are 2 words with same alphabet
& are very important 4 Friendship because
only a friend can listen to u when u r Silent.
Happy Friendship Day

My faith Plays a big part in my life.And my faith is very personal.I pray for strength,I pray for wisdom,I pray for our troops in arm's way,I pray for my family,I pray for my little & cute friend like "you" Dear.

U r So sweet as gin as hard as rum as warm as brandy as clear as vodka as machured as wiskey as refreshing as bear.U r a mini bar of Friendship.

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